About Us

Experience a restaurant that is redefining Indian food in Houston and one named among
the top restaurants in the city.


About Us Verandah

One element that best defines our restaurant is its name. The word is Indian in its origin and, as a place, is a very important part of any Indian home. It refers to an area that is outside but still inside a room or covered area. The verandah is where everyone is entertained. It’s where the family gathers. It’s where friends are brought when they visit. It’s where we eat and talk and enjoy each other’s company.

Our childhood memories of feasts, families and friends gathering on such verandahs made us decide on the name as this is the kind of place we want our restaurant to be. We’ve taken age-old recipes reflecting our traditions and brought to them, modern touches and techniques, thus why we call ourselves a progressive Indian restaurant. Prior to opening Verandah we owned a culinary destination called W’kana Café.

Like Verandah, it was named among the top restaurants in Houston, a true honor considering the number of restaurants in Houston. Through it, we developed a treasured following of patrons whom we now welcome to our new “home.”


The interior design of Verandah is a reflection of our rich heritage with a subtle nod ot the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether. We have captured the spirit and spirituality of their native India as a perfect complement to the progressive Indian dishes that fill the menu.

The restaurant offers fine-dining options in four unique areas – a contemporary lounge where we offer classic and signature cocktails and wines, a main dining room with luxurious seating, a simi-private, uniquely-designed chef’s tasting table and finally, a private, glassed-in dining room for meetings and special events.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Verandah.